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Fire Agate is a layered stone that is composed of agate material with either Goethite or Limonite inclusions, causing the stone to become iridescent. The layers are thin and semi-transparent to allow enough light to enter, forming bright reflective colors that make up the "fire." The gem is thought to be formed when hot water saturated with colloidal silica and iron oxide invades cavities in local country rock and begins to cool.

Chalcedony with iron oxide begins to grow on any available surface (the iron oxide gives the basic brown color to the gem). As the solutions began to precipitate and grow, the layers of silica and iron oxide are deposited depending on the relative level of those mineral elements in the solution. These alternating silica and iron oxide layers, called "schiller layers", cause the brilliant fire in the agate gem. As the iron oxide material dissipates, the solution becomes a colorless chalcedony as it continues to grow until mined.


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Healing Properties: A stone of grounding, balanced vitality, that can take the edge off of emotional problems. The gem stone is associated with the sign of Aries and connected to the 2nd Chakra (one's own place or home) a warm, brilliant, orange, centered, water element - like that of a bright golden fire agate.


Fire agate can be found for sale all over the internet. Some good quality material, but alot of very poor specimens unfortunately flood the market today. Most of this poor material is known as "mine floor sweepings", what is left after the good stones are picked through. You can tell the good quality fire agate stones by how well they are cut and polished - exposed brilliant fire from every angle with as little as possible "dead areas" where there is no fire at all. With rough material one needs a well trained eye to access if it is good fire agate material, plus you need to have a knowledge of understanding the make up of a stone and it's layers to know where to cut the nodule to bring out the amazing colors - not a stone for beginners.

fire agate gemstone jewelry
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